True Love and Acceptance

Jesus loves you and that's what matters.

It may have been a day full of disappointment. A weekend full of despair. A reminder that you are not one of the bazillion coupled up friends who feels the need to post every dinner date reservation or bouquet of flowers they get from their significant other.

Valentine’s Day was a day you would have rather just forgotten.

Counting on other people to bring us happiness is something that we often fall into. I was reminded of that principle this weekend too. And the more we look towards earthly desires to satisfy our needs, the more we will be disappointed.

But His love never fails. My friend Ludy reminded me of this by sharing a post from @QuiteWomenCo.

Gee, I hope I don’t need a boyfriend given that I am a man 😉 But you know what I’m saying. The same concept can be applied across the board: Look to Jesus for your strength if you don’t want to be disappointed in human shortcomings.

And yes, even though He is a tough one to please with all the tests and trials He sends us through…in the end, His love is worth every moment.

Because His love and acceptance will always be more fulfilling than the love and acceptance we think we need from others. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.