The Lion and the Lamb of March

Woman with a lion and lamb next to her.

There is an age old saying that many of you are probably familiar with when it comes to describing March weather. “In like a lamb…out like a lion.” Or depending on the climate, it might be reversed. Since March is the transition month between cold and warm weather, it often starts with harsh weather early on, then becoming a little milder towards the end. So this saying implies an observation of typical season patterns going from winter to spring.

For most of the U.S. east coast this year, that has certainly been the case. But where did this phrase truly originate?

The saying appears to date back to the 18th century, but it seems that no one can say for certain where the true meaning originated. There are however two very plausible theories…

Constellation symbolism

One thought is that the saying refers to the star signs. At the beginning of March, the constellation Leo (the Lion) is on the eastern horizon at sunset. By the end of March, Aries (the Ram) is on the western horizon.

biblical symbolism

The second thought ties more to the symbolic representation of Jesus in the Bible. Jesus’s first appearance was as the sacrificial lamb, but according to Scripture, it is mentioned that He will return as the “Lion of Judah.”

As March begins and we approach Easter, I think it is good to be reminded of this second concept. Jesus came to earth over two thousand years ago as a baby and laid His life down as the sacrificial lamb who took away the sins of all mankind. On this first arrival, Jesus was gentle, kind and peaceful—and yet had a strong, loving message of salvation.

On His second visit and return to Earth, He will arrive as the victorious Lion of the tribe of Judah to kick some butt in a whirlwind of “stormy activity,” so to speak. For further study in regards to the lion and lamb reference, check out this article over at

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