Broken Chain

Broken in Order to Be Healed

A friend of mine gave me a great book last year titled, “New Morning Mercies,” written by Paul David Tripp. The book is a great daily devotional for those (like me) who may find themselves struggling to keep the faith in the midst of chaos. A great point Tripp makes is that “God’s care comes in many forms.” He describes this best in a short poem…

I wish your care was always easy, predictable, safe—
a cool drink
a soft pillow—
but you are too wise,
too loving,
too committed to your work of
transforming grace.
So your gracious care comes to me
in uncomfortable forms:
the redeeming care of
the unexpected
suffering, loss.
These things don’t tell me you’re
No, each is a sign of
zealous grace,
redeeming love.
I struggle to grasp how much you care,
so I struggle to rest in that care.
You care enough to give me what I need,
not what I want.
You care enough to break my bones in order to recapture my heart.

Don’t give up friend. As Tripp reinforces in his poem that we struggle to rest in that care God provides simply because we struggle to grasp how great that care really is. David writes about this very same thing in Psalm 51:8…

Let me hear joy and gladness; let the bones you have crushed rejoice.