NYC Skyline at Night

A Trip to See Something More

Monday was a bit crazy. I found myself driving to the suburbs of New York City and back home (85 miles each way) to sign the last of the paperwork for my mortgage refinancing. To catch you up to speed, my wife had decided to let me take over ownership of the property in the process of us parting ways in our marriage. But let’s rewind a little…

I had already become extremely stressed from everything leading up to this point to begin with, so dealing with a new mortgage company only added to the chaos. But I knew deep inside that this was all part of a plan to allow me to trust Him. And in doing so, it led to a better picture financially than I first anticipated.

In fact, I had found myself praying to God throughout this refinancing process that He provide and reassure me through His confirmation that this was the direction He wanted me to take. I had even begun looking at apartments until a strange encounter with a rental property owner provided some startling revelations that lead me to the contrary. It was after that experience that I started wondering if maybe God was telling me to keep the house instead. And of course that is where I found myself at the end of the day on Monday.

Earlier that day, I was very anxious as the mortgage company was preparing the paperwork for closing. I ended up praying something along the lines of, “okay God, now that you’ve led me up to this point, I have to admit that I am still a little nervous about whether or not I should go through with this. I need just one a more bit of additional confirmation if you would be so kind.”

And boom—I get a call in that same hour.

The mortgage company told me that I could close as early as that same day. All they needed was the both of us to sign the documents since technically she’s still on the deed for the house, even though I was to soon be the only borrower.

Okay, not a problem. The new mortgage company provided the final closing costs and what I’d be paying each month with the new loan. Awesome, I had thought, no hidden surprises. All I needed to do was to get both of us to sign the papers.

“And when would you like these signed by?” I inquired.

Ah, it turns out there was a surprise. (These last minute things tend to be a very common trait in the home buying and financing process which I’m sure any of you fellow homeowner readers can attest to). If I was unable to get her to sign the paperwork that same day, I would miss the closing at the end of this month and have to close at the beginning of next month. This in turn would lead to paying even more money to cover additional closing costs. Lovely.

Plus, it turned out that my co-signer’s job had placed her in NYC to project manager a new store construction for the next several days. Even lovelier. So if I wanted to achieve this deadline and save about $600 in the process, I would have to make the trek and interrupt her already stressful day.

On the flip side, this may have been the sign I was looking for. God was getting me to MOVE and if I didn’t, I would be missing out on something more. After all, God requires us to walk in faith and not just talk in it. I didn’t think twice and made plans to travel northward after work. Thankfully, the traffic was non-existent so I arrived on time to meet with the notary agent. Of course, there was no place to sit or sign papers really as the store site was essentially still a construction zone. Yet the notary agent was kind enough to meet us wherever we needed to be that day.

To be honest, after the documents were completed and signed, I didn’t feel any more relieved. In fact, I still felt in a state of stress like—That’s it? It’s over? There was really no closure. The notary agent just packed up and left and my co-signer went back to work. It was awkward. I suppose the environment of the place we had to sign represented a good metaphor for my mental state—under construction. It was hardly the calm I was expecting.

On the drive back, I prayed for peace. Soon in the midst of my drive I had a chance to see the NYC skyline at night from the New Jersey Turnpike. Wow. I had never experienced the skyline like that before. It reminded me of how amazing the world is and how small I am in the middle of it. Just beyond my seemingly monumental circumstances, in that beautiful city a few miles away contained all the possibility, wonder, joy, celebrities (haha) and tons of influential moments that set the stage for one of the largest cities on this planet. And all that from a couple minute drive by. Wow, God, that really put things in perspective for me. If He can make that metropolis function flawlessly day in and day out, what do I have to worry about?

After all the stress, I was glad I took the trip up to see that. Afterwards, the bright lights of the Newark international airport runway delivered an encore spectacle of wonder which led me to another very personal epiphany within my spirit and an opportunity to spend most of the remaining drive deep in prayer for the woman who had taken time out of her day to sign these papers on my behalf.

Had I not had the circumstances which put me a great distance away from my original plans for that Monday, I would have missed out on this opportunity to see something more. Funny how life works out sometimes. We often see the things we would have otherwise never took note of until a lousy situation puts us smack dab in the right place at the right time.

Thank you for the confirmation Lord. You know me much better than I do and can calm my spirit when it finds itself in a state of chaos.