Your Dreams and God’s Will

Hope Words Tony Evans - 08182015

How often do we find ourselves not happy where we are because we want to control our own destiny? Why not let God use you like He made you instead?

The above image provides some encouraging words from Dr. Tony Evans. But before Dr. Evans became a strong Christian leader impacting his community in Dallas, Texas, he thought he had his sights set on becoming a professional football player. That is until a career ending injury “thwarted” his dreams and shifted his direction. Or was it divine direction? Before long, Dr. Evans found himself on another path that even led him to becoming the chaplain for the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Cowboys sports teams.

It seemed that God had another purpose for his life, yet ironically, one in the same avenue of his initial interest. So just because God takes you off your charted course, doesn’t necessarily mean He’s taking you completely away from your dreams. He just might have a better way for you to use it.

The book of Jeremiah is not a really happy book. It is mainly a message of judgment on the nation of Judah for their ongoing idolatry. And even though the prophet Jeremiah had to deliver that bad news to them. However, there is one particular passage that stands out as a rather encouraging one…

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

According to GotQuestions… “the prophet Jeremiah had a most difficult message to deliver. Jeremiah loved Judah, but he loved God much more. As painful as it was for Jeremiah to deliver a consistent message of judgment to his own people, Jeremiah was obedient to what God told him to do and say. Jeremiah hoped and prayed for mercy from God for Judah, but also trusted that God was good, just, and righteous. We too must obey God, even when it is difficult, recognize God’s will as more important than our own desires, and trust that God, in His infinite wisdom and perfect plan, will bring about the best for His children.

Now isn’t it interesting that amidst the bleak picture that is painted in the book of Jeremiah, this particular passage stands out as being the one passage that is often used by Christians in times of encouragement? That should give YOU great encouragement, friend. Because even when the environment looks bleak in your own circumstances, and your dreams appear to have changed course, know that God is merely realigning you towards something better. After all, He has not just good plans for you, but GREAT plans, only if you let Him.