Daily Devotion And Not Yearly Resolutions

I came across this sign the other day which read: “Daily devotion is better than yearly resolutions.”

An accurate statement speaking to the multitude of broken promises we make to ourselves in the New Year—the quest to do better or to be better. Yet how often are we reminded time and again that we will always fail when we rely solely on our own strength, completely overlooking the strength Christ provides when we rely on Him instead?

Submission to Christ is not a symptom of defeat or weakness. It actually takes great courage to submit to His authority! After all, we have no idea what His plans are for us. We are walking by faith alone and that uncertainly can be quite scary.

At the start of the new year, I found myself praying for strength in submission. It’s not an easy task to stay committed to Him on a daily basis. But He will notice and provide all the strength you need to help you in this journey. And that journey is certainly not a sprint. It’s more like a marathon.

However, like any type of race, success in reaching the finish line requires training, discipline and commitment. Spiritual success requires that same mindset. It requires investment in that form of daily devotion.

Dr. Tony Evans puts it best by saying…

“Knowing Him intimately and personally will radically change your life. Knowing about Him won’t do much good. For example, I know about the President. I can tell you his name. I can even tell you his address. I can tell you some information that I’ve learned about him from radio and television reports. But that hardly qualifies me to say that I know him.

“In order to truly know Jesus Christ, you must experience Him personally. You must abide with Him – hang out in His presence, get to feel His heartbeat – discover what brings Him pleasure – what He wants to do with, in and through you.

“When you give all of you to all of Him, He is there returning all of Him to all of you. The power that created the universe is the same power that can strengthen you to grow, change, and to experience unspeakable satisfaction.”

I know it’s challenging to get to know Christ on that kind of intimate level. But with at least making the conscious effort to practice that level of daily commitment by consulting with Him on every decision, action or choice you make in the New Year, you’ll be getting to know Him on a level you never even imagined. Trust in Jesus Christ today and your uncertainty in the future will fade quicker than another unrealistic New Year’s diet plan.

Good luck and godspeed in the New Year, friend.