A Year In…

As my spiritual renewal began to develop, I didn’t realize how important a strong community of believers could be. So after my small group Bible study disbanded at the end of 2014, I thought, uh oh, what am I going to do now? Who am I going to turn to for strength and encouragement in this Christian pursuit? Would I ever find another small group as good as this?

Then one of my friends (and principal leader of that group) suggested I start a blog. After all, sometimes we find ourselves ministering to others as we ourselves are waiting to be ministered to.

From what began as just a simple writing exercise has gone on to far exceed my expectations. Today this blog, Beyond the Stone, has established a pretty large following of readers from all over the globe. Wow! It would appear that God is using something I enjoy doing (writing) as a way to reach others along the way in their own spiritual destinations. And I am ever grateful to be a part of that journey that you find yourself on today.

Even though most of us have never met personally, I just want to thank each and every one of you who has taken the time to read what I write. I hope that my posts encourage you to not give up on God, even though He subjects us to some pretty tough times along the way. Maybe, through the situations you find yourself in, now or later, you can also find the strength to become a beacon of light to somebody else God places in your path. Somebody who may be looking for a Word from God that He has decided to deliver to them, through you.

It’s cliched and yet it’s so true—everything happens for a reason.

Never would I have thought that that reason would involve Jesus Christ to the level it has today. A couple of years ago, I endured some of the most painful experiences of my life, but through it, I learned that sometimes God has to break us down in order to lift us back up.

In other words, with every setback is a chance to come back and rise.

So even though it could feel like He has given up on you, if you consider yourself a child of God, I assure you, He hasn’t forgotten about you. His discipline is sometimes needed in order to take us to another, deeper level in the ongoing relationship He shares with us.

Whatever you are experiencing, whether it is good or bad, planned or unexpected, wherever you are in life—you are right where He wants you to be. For He has a plan for even you. You may not know exactly where you are headed, but if you just allow Him to guide you through the choppy seas of confusion and discontent today, He will make sure you arrive on the shores of His safekeeping tomorrow. He may not take you out of the sea, but He will surely join you in the boat.

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Thanks again to all of you for encouraging me to continue this mission, wherever it may lead. Good luck in your own missions and God bless!