Using the Bad for Good

Dr. Tony Evans Quote - Rock Bottom

People often say, “you are never given what you cannot handle.” Well, life commonly shows the opposite to be true. There are times we’re given much more than we ever thought we could handle. And on top of that is even more. It’s like one bad thing develops into another bad thing and yet into another bad thing. Some days it seems like we just can’t catch a break.

Yet, in Scripture we learn that God works all things together for our own good and His greater glory (Romans 8:28). Take the cross for example. What a horrible, terrible, awful thing to endure—and yet God even used that to serve a greater purpose.

Your situation may get worse before it gets better. But rest assured knowing that God’s got this. He’s in total control of it, because, well, He created it!

So right now your circumstances may feel like they are just weighing you down. Take this opportunity to pray. Be honest. Tell God how you truly feel. Let Him know that you need a direct answer from Him. And then get ready to be amazed. He can take something awful and turn it into something good. Trust me here, friends. Sometimes the answer lies not in how we ever expected it would, but in the way God has already set it up ahead of time, to play out exactly as you are experiencing it today.

The spiritual journey is not an easy process by any means, but God can, and will provide a way to endure. It’s not on account of our own strength, but in the grace that only He provides to get us through it. Trust Him. Then watch and wait. You’ll see.