Reflections in the Frustrations

To make a long story short, today was an annoying day. It was filled with frustrating people in the customer service department. And the last place of business I left in a rather foul mood with my hands up in the air. If you saw me in the parking lot at that particular moment, you might even wonder if I’d also toss up a “number one sign” to express my displeasure—if you get my drift.

On the drive home, I prayed that God would help calm my spirits and help me to rediscover the good in people again.

And that’s when He came through to remind me of what truly matters in life. Which arrived in the form of a short video produced by ESPN that I stumbled across, seemingly by accident…

I have to say, I’m not exactly a Cleveland Cavaliers fan (I like the Warriors), but after watching this, I’m totally going to be rooting for J.R. Smith now—and his good friend, Brad Hennefer.

It’s amazing how athletes these days are making a genuine effort to set a good example. Which reminded me of how we too (athletes or not) need to set the same example in our daily walks with the people around us. Are we living as true reflections of Christ or are we caught up in the selfish (albeit minor) frustrations of the day instead? As J.R. Smith mentioned in this video, he knows that whatever he does, Brad will be watching him from the stands. Sure, he’s landed himself in hot water in the past with his conduct, but it means something more when someone meaningful is also watching you.

What actions are you doing that you might change if you knew someone was watching you too?

Thanks Lord for putting today into perspective for me. And for keeping me from doing a foolish action, that I know you would be displeased by. After all, you’re my biggest fan—the One who watches (over) me the most.

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