Seeking Counsel in Confusion

Last week tensions were high at my workplace. A new database system had been implemented and although it was for the better, change certainly leads to frustration and uncertainty, which inevitably leads to STRESS. So how does a Christian deal with the brewing pot of tempers in the workplace? I’ll give you a personal example…

In one particular morning meeting, I realized I wasn’t easily grasping the new process. One of my colleagues threw a defensive remark in my direction to which I responded back in an unfriendly tone. She promptly left the room in frustration when it appeared that I didn’t even want to acknowledge her concern, and no one seemed to even take note of the sudden departure.

At first, I thought, “good, leave if you’re going to be like that.”

Then as the rest of the meeting progressed and the moment continued to haunt me, I thought, “oh no, maybe I could have, and should have responded better.”

After the meeting, I tried looking for her to mend any damage that had been done, but she was nowhere to be found. Lunchtime quickly came and I left the office for the next hour—a much needed break away from any and all frustrations.

Yet, I couldn’t forget the moment of earlier. So over lunch, I prayed…

“Lord, thank you for bringing the awareness of my own wrongdoings today. If I upset my colleague, then I surely owe her an apology. But I am nervous about delivering that, because her personality might quickly reject my offering. Please give me strength, Lord, and allow my apology to be well-received.”

On the way back into the office after lunch, I felt a new transformation within my mind: Was I really to blame for her frustrations? Surely, she had been upset even before I entered the equation. Perhaps, she was unfairly taking it all out on me? In that case, do I even owe her any apology at all? Perhaps, she should be coming to me, first.

Uh oh. The enemy now seeks to confuse my mind. What happened to my sympathetic mentality just before lunch?

So I prayed again…

“Lord, I’m confused. What do you want me to do in this situation? If you want me to wait, I’ll wait. If you want me to approach my colleague, I will. But I’m having a tough time discerning between what I want to do from what I should do. Motivate my heart to do the right thing, Lord, the thing that YOU want me to do. Help me to reflect your presence here in the workplace. I need you to help me to set a good example, Lord. And this company needs you too.”

Walking through the halls of the company, I suddenly remembered a concept I had meditated on a while back—own more than you have to and take the initiative. Why? Because Christ did that for you.

And in that instant, I knew exactly what to do.

When in doubt, seek His counsel. He delights in providing us with the wisdom to do the right thing.

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