A Wish for Selflessness

If you had just one wish, what would it be? Would you give yourself something you’ve always wanted or would you use the opportunity to grant that wish to somebody else?

When fourteen-year old Ashley Wagner found out she had developed leukemia, she was admitted to the children’s hospital to begin treatment. As is often done for kids who undergo these types of procedures, an organization like Make-A-Wish will step in to help make one of their favorite dreams come true.

Yet, instead of thinking of herself, Ashley thought of her twin brother instead and his wish to meet NBA all-star, Stephen Curry.

As a result of her selfless act of kindness, Stephen Curry recognized it and took it to another level. Being that Curry himself is an unashamed Christian, I’m sure he realized just how powerful Ashley Wagner’s act was and how important it was to highlight it.

Below is her inspiring story of selflessness and what that mindset can lead to, when we give back to God what He gives us…

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