Hope Amidst the Darkness

“So what do we do now?” I texted my brother when I found out about the election results.

“We move to Canada,” he told me. But their website crashed, I informed him.

“We move to Mexico,” he replied. Yeah, but their currency has also crashed I said.

No response.

Then it entered into my mind—we pray. It’s all we can do now. Makes sense considering that God will let a person keep falling and falling, until they finally begin to stop fighting and look up towards Him for the answers.

It happened to me a few years ago. And brought me to where I am today.

So here is an idea of what we pray for in this moment…

    For God to show up and show off His glory in changing even the hardest of hearts. This is a perfect opportunity for Him to display His power and reinforce in the lives of believers that He is capable of great things!
    To allow Him to restore, repair and reunite the divisions that have taken hold of this country. To bring us closer together instead of further apart.
    To soften our leaders hearts and its citizens to become more accepting of different cultures, even if they don’t agree with them. To help those who might be too stubborn in their tolerance of others to understand that we are all humans and all people created by God in His image. And that He loves us all, regardless. Help empower believers to love our enemies and reflect the light that God shines on us as His own in the hopes that our actions inspire others to do the same.
    To revive our nation to truly be a “nation under God” and not just one that lightly says it is. To welcome those who come into our lives and help us to share the Gospel with those who seek it. To help us all share a common bond united by Christ despite communication barriers or cultural barriers.
  5. PEACE
    To help us believers trust in God thru this dark time in history. Bring a sense of calm about us so that we are not afraid but rather filled with joy no matter what, because we know that God has our backs, and that this is all part of His great plan for us.
  6. HOPE
    Reinforce the peace that the Holy Spirit brings so that we never lose our hope in Him to perform miraculous things. That we are strengthened by Him and keep our sights set on Him and not on social media. To be strengthened and not deterred by what our friends or the media chooses to focus on.
    To protect those people in this country who might be here illegally and have nothing but faith in God to lead them to opportunity. Pray for their health, their finances, and their strength to persevere in this dark time. Protect all believers from attack (both physically and spiritually) from those that seek to tear down or take away their freedom to pursue God.

Don’t give up friends. This is right where He wants us to be. Perhaps for us to start looking up towards Him for the true leadership that we seek and need right now.

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