What-eva, I Do What I Want!

As Rae, (the author of this post) puts it best: “Because of all those chanting, ‘Pro-Choice,’ or, ‘Pro-Life,’ only a handful have ever been in the theoretical situations they’re so passionately arguing against.”

Here is a great example of being put first-hand into the situation of having to choose. And the redemptive power of the Holy Spirit to take control and transform lives, in more ways than one.

Thank you for having the courage to share your experiences Rae.


When the Holy Spirit Convicts You

One of the more interesting concepts I’ve come across is this notion of “Holy Spirit Conviction.” When I experience it from time to time it can be both wonderful and frightening. But what exactly is it?

Have you ever had a moment when you’re taken back by how an individual acts out, not because of the person, but because it was something you already did or might have done in the past? Or how about when you see someone conducting themselves in such a manner that you too might be currently guilty of the same? Even though we can lie to ourselves and others, our inner most sins we can’t keep a secret from God. He ALWAYS knows.

And He sometimes (albeit painfully) reveals these things to our hearts in this so-called Holy Spirit conviction. Continue reading

He “Works” in Mysterious Ways

It’s funny how God answers prayers. He never ceases to amaze me in that regard. Sometimes, the prayers are obviously quick and to the point, but in other instances, I can be sent through a long journey of frustration and acceptance before the prayer is ever fully addressed. And it’s those long journey types that drive me nuts, as I’m sure they drive you nuts too. But now I see one of the reasons He does it that way—to humble us AND amaze us in such a manner that a “quick and to the point” revelation could never achieve.

A perfect example—what transpired at the start of this week, and concluded this evening. Continue reading

Loving the Unlovable

It is so incredibly difficult to love others who don’t love us. Especially those who wrong us. When we are insulted, attacked, wounded or deceived, we find our anger quick to replace our love—and yet—Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount that we need to show our adversaries love in these moments, and not hate.


Continue reading

Set a Guard as Protection

Nehemiah was encouraged when the people quickly helped him rebuild the wall in Jerusalem to half its height as we read in Nehemiah 4. Lots of progress was made in a short amount of time. The people had a mind to work as it implies. But their adversaries wanted to stop them. So Nehemiah setup a guard—not because he didn’t trust God, but he wanted to be smart with the resources God trusted him with. Continue reading

What We Can Learn From a Trial

The book of Job has been popping up recently in conversation, so I’ll take a cue that I should write about it. James tells us that Job was a man who persevered so we would become aware of what God is capable of—even through the worst of circumstances…

James 5:11
As you know, we count as blessed those who have persevered. You have heard of Job’s perseverance and have seen what the Lord finally brought about. The Lord is full of compassion and mercy.

But let’s be honest—the book of Job is really, really long. 42 chapters to be exact. But it can be split up into three sections to better tackle it. The first part deals with Job’s distress, the second part—Job’s defense, and the final part—Job’s deliverance. Continue reading

The Struggle with Lent

As Lent comes to a close this weekend, I hope that you’re reminded of what the season really represents. It’s not just a time to give up a bad habit, only to revert back to it afterwards. It’s a time for reflection and awareness in the habits that pull us away from God, so that we might give them up for good.

I’ve been having some profound discussions with a coworker recently who decided to incorporate Lent as a way to stimulate a “spiritual experience” of sorts. Although, I admit, I was hesitant to think it would actually be effective, I still thought it was pretty amazing, given that most people just use Lent to temporarily give up a bad habit.

Yet, what makes Lent truly effective is when it brings us to a closer understanding of what Christ gave up on our behalf. He gave up a life in the Heavens to live a season in this awful place (the world) and partake in the human experience. And then to stand in place of the ultimate punishment that was meant for us in order to save this world from its sins for all time, on top of it? Wow. And here I struggle just to resist the temptation of a tasty cupcake. Continue reading