Sinful Woman Cleans Jesus' Feet

At the Feet of Another

There is a story in Luke 7:36-50 that reveals an interesting account of forgiveness. One of the Pharisees, named Simon, had invited Jesus to have dinner with him. Simon wanted to essentially check into this so-called “Messiah,” and if in fact, Jesus was a prophet.

Earlier in the day, some random woman had gotten word that Jesus would be there, so she decided to show up at the dinner table, completely uninvited.

Now this particular woman was regarded as a “sinful woman” (although we are not told specifically what she had done to earn that title). One could only imagine what it must have been that caused her to be rejected by her community. Yet, the uninvited woman, who heard that Jesus was to be present that night, braved the judgment of others to show up. She even brought a jar of expensive perfume just so she could clean and touch Jesus’ feet. Continue reading

Three crosses with a sunset.

When There’s No Time to “Get Right”

Many of us remember and reflected on the crucifixion this Easter weekend, but did you ever think of those two men on either side of Jesus? Sure, compared to Christ these two men (“criminals” as they are labeled in Scripture) are insignificant, but there is an important lesson we can take from it. And a closer comparison to our own lives that we might be able to relate to.

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