The Power in Reconciliation

Sometimes when we are so far removed from God, we tend to hangout in the darkness rather than reflect in the light He shows us every day. Evidence of this can be found in our very actions and motivations, or something as simple as the words that come out of our mouth. When God is near, we experience the joy of His presence. But when we push Him away, darkness quickly sets into our hearts. We may find ourselves in constant internal turmoil or be unwilling to forgive others like Jesus forgives us.

There was a sermon delivered by Pastor John Stange (from my home church at Core Creek) in which he talked about the struggles the prophet Jeremiah endured while he preached to the kingdom of Judah beginning around the year 627 B.C. At that time, the people were not very receptive to his message. In fact, they never welcomed Jeremiah at all and were continually at odds with him about it.

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Leading Thru Action

If a certain concept keeps showing up in your life over a short duration of time, take note my friends, it could be something that is in your benefit to take careful note of. One of those things that’s been showing up for me has been the notion of leading thru action, and not just words.

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One Minute of Encouragement

Recently, I got a chance to chat with Dylon, who also attends Core Creek Community Church with me. Dylon’s a guy that just radiates positive energy every time I see him. And now you can pick up on that same energy in his new YouTube channel called The One Minute Meeting. The vlog aims to help people have the best day possible, one minute at a time.

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Remembering God in the Midst of Battle

Henry David Thoreau once wrote,“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

Everybody is in a struggle in one form or another.

Looking back in the Old Testament, Nehemiah’s people were struggling too. They were overwhelmed and discouraged when they were tasked with rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. They were being taunted and disrespected by their neighbors who would go so far as to threaten to sabotage their project before it was even completed. So God put it in Nehemiah’s heart words of encouragement to not to be afraid of the circumstances, but to remember the Lord in the midst of their fight. Continue reading

Set a Guard as Protection

Nehemiah was encouraged when the people quickly helped him rebuild the wall in Jerusalem to half its height as we read in Nehemiah 4. Lots of progress was made in a short amount of time. The people had a mind to work as it implies. But their adversaries wanted to stop them. So Nehemiah setup a guard—not because he didn’t trust God, but he wanted to be smart with the resources God trusted him with. Continue reading

Turning Back Taunts

The books of Ezra and Nehemiah are two Old Testament books that go together. These two men both wrote about the rebuilding of Jerusalem, which occurred several years after its destruction by the Babylonians. Ezra was involved with the rebuilding of the temple while Nehemiah was involved with the rebuilding of the walls.

In a series of sermons that senior pastor John Stange of Core Creek Community Church has been covering, there is much we can learn from the lives of these two men. In this post, we’ll focus on what Nehemiah had to endure during the rebuilding process—that being mockery. Continue reading

Producing Fruit & Finding Joy

Living a fruitful life is not an easy task. Especially when we live by the standards that the world sets and expects of us (i.e. money, fame, prestige, power, etc.). Yet, when we adopt this mindset, it is certainly not a long-lasting fulfillment, as evidenced by the words of NFL star Tom Brady in my previous post.

However, in light of this notion, Jesus promises us a very fruitful life if we just choose to follow Him and allow Him to lead us, even if it appears to not make sense by the world’s standards of living. It is something that I also need to be reminded of when I become discouraged by those around me that give in to the allure of the world on a frequent basis. Myself included.

One Sunday, I was grateful to hear pastor John Stange preach on this very topic at my home church of Core Creek. He focused on Jesus’ counsel to His disciples, shortly before He was arrested and taken away from them—also known in theology as “the farewell discourse.” Here is part of that message…

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